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Jesus came, lived a perfect life so as to be a worthy sacrifice, died on the cross for the forgiveness of sins, rose on the third day proving Himself justified, and now sits at the Father's right hand interceding for those who are His.
- The Gospel
But since Christ has been so imparted to you with all his benefits that all his things are made yours, that you are made a member of him, indeed one with him, his righteousness overwhelms your sins; his salvation wipes out your condemnation; with his worthiness he intercedes so that your unworthiness may not come before God's sight.
- John Calvin
Let this be to you the mark of true gospel preaching -- where Christ is everything, and the creature is nothing; where it is salvation all of grace, through the work of the Holy Spirit applying to the soul the precious blood of Jesus.
- C.H. Spurgeon
Jesus' measure of the church is not seating capacity, but sending capacity.
J.D. Greear