Cornerstone is a church whose purpose is to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them to obey all that Christ commands, to the ends of the earth. Every ministry that we pursue is aimed at this goal. We want to be careful to avoid having programs for their own sake. Numerous programs can easily clutter our schedules and complicate our lives, without necessarily bringing us any closer to the goal of discipleship. With this in mind, Cornerstone has been intentionally organized around four key ministries, which are easy to envision as a body metaphor: the heart, the head, the hands, and the feet.


The Heart: Sunday Morning Worship (Sundays, 10:15am)

Sunday morning worship is our most important gathering of the week. Here the entire body comes together to hear the Word of God proclaimed and to respond to God’s grace given to us in the gospel through songs of praise, prayer, offerings, and participation in the Lord’s Supper. This is the gathering where we baptize and introduce new members to the congregation. It is the primary context within which we corporately come before the Lord, as well as connect with our fellow church members. Of all the gatherings of our church, this one shapes and defines us the most. 

The Head: Sunday School (Sundays during fall/spring semesters, 9:00am)

In our Sunday morning worship services, our normal practice is to preach through a book of the Bible at a time. But in Sunday School we have the opportunity to look at more “big picture” ideas, such as what the whole Bible teaches on any given topic. We explore the whole range of topics in theology, the history of Christian teachings, Christian ethics, marriage and family, the defense of the Christian faith, and numerous other subjects aimed at our growth in discipleship. As an educational ministry, Sunday School is a place for deep thinking about the Christian faith and how we live it out. It plays a key role in shaping the theological vision of the church.

The Hands: Small Groups and Sunday Nights 

Two of our ministries in particular give us the best opportunities to connect with, love, and serve one another:


Small Groups (various times of the week in members’ homes). 

Small group meetings provide the opportunity to build close relationships with a few other members of the church, to bear burdens with them, to pray for them, to serve them, to invest in their lives, and to practice fulfilling all of the biblical “one another” commands. 

Sunday Nights (Sundays, 6:00pm). 

Sunday night meetings have a purpose similar to small groups, only on a larger scale. Sometimes we meet together to share words of encouragement and prayer requests with each other. Sometimes we have picnics to enjoy time together as a whole church. Sometimes we have preaching services where we take the opportunity to invest in the training of one of our pastoral interns. And sometimes we have members’ meetings, where we discuss important matters related to the membership, finances, and direction of the church. In all of these different Sunday night events, discipleship happens as we take opportunities to love and serve one another. 


The Feet: Sending Out

Because our mission is to make disciples to the ends of the earth, we want to be faithful in sending out members to various places of the world where the gospel is less known. Through our pastoral internship, we train future pastors and church planters for this purpose. But we also seek to train and prepare lay people to move to new areas specifically for the purpose of using their gifts and earning potential as nurses, accountants, teachers, coaches, engineers, etc. in order to support the planting of new churches. In partnership with the International Mission Board and the North American Mission Board (both agencies of the Southern Baptist Convention), our goal is to see our members sent out across North America and the globe, carrying the gospel of Jesus Christ to cities and communities that desperately need to hear it, so that Christ may be exalted in the proclamation of his saving work until he comes again.