We understand membership to be a meaningful reality at CCC. Therefore, we ask that you would begin the membership process by letting us know your interest in attending a New Members’ Class. These classes take place multiple times throughout the year, and you can let us know of your interest in attending one of these classes by checking the appropriate box on the perforated section of a bulletin on any Sunday and placing it in the offering plate. Taking that class does not commit you to joining the church but simply lets you know more information about the church. However, if you desire to join the church, we do ask that you first attend one round of these classes.

After attending the New Members’ Class, you would then set up an interview with one of the pastors. This, too, can be arranged simply by checking the appropriate box on the perforated section of the bulletin any Sunday. In this interview, the pastor is mainly looking for you to share the gospel with him as well as your testimony of how you came to place your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  

After the interview, the pastors would then recommend you to the congregation on a Sunday morning. That evening we would ask you to share briefly your testimony with the church, and then we would receive you into membership on the following Sunday.