Our Sunday School ministry is an important component in the task of making disciples. Classes meet during the fall and spring semesters, and they normally break for most of December-January and during the summer.

Our adult Sunday School classes are for anyone who is twelve years old or older. Although our culture does not typically regard twelve as an "adult" age in any meaningful sense, we have designed Sunday School in this way in order to promote inter-generational connections that promote discipleship. Young believers need to learn from older believers how to follow Christ. This arrangement often means that parents can sit in the same Sunday School classes with their teenagers and use that shared experience for fruitful conversation and continuing discipleship at home.

We offer three adult Sunday School classes at a time, from four different Sunday School tracks that rotate between fall and spring semesters:

1. Core Classes are offered in the fall on a four-year rotation. These classes survey the whole range of Christian teachings, so that one who has been through all four years should have been exposed to what the whole Bible teaches about itself, God, humanity, sin, Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the church, and last things. We encourage all who have not completed all four Core classes to attend one each fall to completion.

2. Ongoing Discipleship Classes are offered in both the fall and spring, covering a wide range of topics pertaining to discipleship in all areas of thought and life, including family, politics, culture, science, ethics, mission, how to study the Bible, etc.

3. Leadership Classes are offered in the spring on a four-year rotation and are designed especially for those who intend to be sent out to a place where the Christian faith is more openly challenged than in the American South. These classes include The History of Christian Teachings, Proclaiming and Defending the Gospel, The Doctrine of the Church, and The Church and the Sexual Revolution.

4. Book Study Classes are offered in both the fall and the spring, each one focusing on one particular book or collection of books of the Bible at one time.

Our children's Sunday School classes (from birth to 11 years of age) begin with our nursery ministry, in which children of the youngest ages begin learning how to think about God. Our 3-4-year-old class surveys the story of whole Bible, followed by the 5-6-year-old class in which the Old Testament and New Testament concepts of promise and fulfillment are explored more thoroughly. The 7-11-year-old class then surveys the whole Bible again at a deeper level, so that a child who has been raised from nursery to age 12 at Cornerstone should have been immersed deeply into Scripture's overall story multiple times.

Sunday School gives us an avenue for focused attention on Scripture and on the whole range of issues we face in life in a different way than our normal preaching ministry does. It is one key aspect of discipleship at Cornerstone.